Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Non-Risk Taking Dreamer

Not sure why I am creating this blog. Truth is, I'm a 29 year old non-techie. Blogging and blogs, in general, are completely foreign to me. Is it possible that I'm the only one in my generation that is still an idiot when it comes to these things?

So why "The Non-Risk Taking Dreamer"? Well, all my life I've been accused of being a "dreamer" as if that was a bad thing. Perhaps, people saw me as 'flighty' or 'unfocused'. It's very possible. I would probably be the first to agree on the 'unfocused' part. I never saw it as a bad thing, though. In fact, I was kind of proud of that title. I felt it set me apart and, one day, all the reasons would be miraculously revealed.

I guess I always thought that being a dreamer would some how lead me to what it is that is my destiny. Maybe that was just a HOPE. Recently, however, it has occurred to me that being a dreamer is not enough. Those who are successful dreamers, are successful because they are also risk takers.

All of a sudden, I no longer feel good about being a self-proclaimed dreamer. Instead, I feel like a unaccomplished, flighty, and unfocused closeted dreamer. I feel this way because, truth be told, I'm not a risk taker. In fact, I am very aware of the fact that I've avoided risk many times in my life for fear of failure.

WOW! Self realization is sometimes hard to accept. However, it can also be an opportunity to reinvent yourself. So, that brings us back to my initial start . . . why this blog? I guess, my hope is to start this journey of breaking out of my shell in a medium that is just as unfamiliar and perhaps, this is where my reinvention will begin.

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  1. blogging is cheaper than therapy and a whole lot more supportive. blog on, girl.